Hi, I'm
Bo Wolters

I’m a UI / UX Designer with broad knowledge and interest in the field of Web Development.

My goal is to work on products that matter. Taking them to the next level and creating stunning visual designs along the way.

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Gebruikr. is an app that aims to support inexperienced drug users on festivals. The goal is to reduce harm and encourage responsible use of substances. The app gives advice on using drugs in a responsible way and allows users to see what they're using and when.


Web application built as an automated solution to stimulate reuses of paper coffee cups. The application was realised in Bubble.io and featured an external QR code scanner built with a Raspberry Pi.


Online branding and web development project for a metalworking company WM-Techniek.

Glass Morphism
App Design

Exploration of the visual style Glass Morphism. Simple design of a food and recipe mobile app.

Glass Morphism
Landing Page

Exploration of the visual style Glass Morphism. Simple landing page design featuring glass elements and gradient backdrop visuals.


Landing page visualisation for a dating during pandemic project. Bracelets allowing people to see how comfortable others are regarding social situations and distancing.


Smart thermostat interface design for a futuristic design speculation scenario where limited power supply is available in society. Hub allows to regulate and control the amount of power that is supplied to households.


Online branding and web development project for a lifestyle business  Vitaalcoach Den Helder.


Web application built through no-code automation apps that allows you to keep track of daily learning goals as a designer.

Prevention to

A NodeJS and Sockets.io web application using Machine Learning body gestures interaction through webcam to allow for COVID safe interaction. Stimulating informal social interactions in public space. Aimed at children to be able to interact with peers to enhance their learning ability in social development.

So who am I?

I’m a Dutch designer from the province of North-Holland. Graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design at NHL Stenden University Leeuwarden. To top it off I’ve recently also graduated from a Master’s course in Digital Design from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

I am to-the-point, work effectively, and like to take decisions that have been thought through and make sense. With over 6 years of experience in the field of design I’ve accumulated quite some knowledge. However, I’m forever learning and am always looking for opportunities to improve myself with every project I take on.

I've also got these:

Dutch Digital Agencies
National CMD

Trendship Hackathon
Gamechangers Student
Award 2019

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By the way, portfolios are always in progress. You know how it works. Check back any time for possible updates and more in-depth looks into projects!